Mr Isaac Owusu, Chief Executive Officer

Before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Believers Radio UK in September 2016, Isaac Owusu has over 15 years experience of establishing and leading ministries in Africa and Europe coupled with commercial and media experience.

Isaac is known for his inspirational leadership, creative vision and exceptional business transformational skills.

As Chief Executive Officer of Believers Radio UK, he is responsible for its strategic vision and corporate objectives in addition to maximising its core business.



Ms Angela Cobbina, General Manager & HR Director

Angela has significant experience of advising City financial institutions and global corporates on legal risk management, employee relations, governance and strategy.

Client recommendations about Angela describe her as a highly motivated and driven individual that acts as a trusted advisor and provides a creative approach to problem solving, underpinned by an acute eye for detail.

 As General Manager & HR Director at Believers Radio UK, she is responsible for our strategy, planning and resourcing processes and for ensuring that those processes are aligned with the strategic objectives and priorities of Believers Radio UK.



Ms Jacklin Gyamfua, General Secretary & Operations Director

Jacklin Sarfo Gyamfua (aka Ohemaa Jacky) has been in the music industry as a musician for 10 years and has an HND in Professional Development awarded by an institution for further education in Italy.

Jacklin is known for her unique style and dexterity when speaking on both radio and television.

As General Secretary & Operations Director she is responsible for the day to day operations of Believers Radio UK and interfaces with the Programmes Manager and Presenters.



Mr Moses Anim-Ayekoh, Manager

Mr Moses Anim-Ayekoh has extensive experience of leading teams and running successful business ventures. Moses is known for his affable nature combined with his ability to work with his team to deliver results that meet with organisational objectives.

As Manager at Believers Radio UK, Moses will have oversight of operational activities and will work closely with the General Manager and Executive Committee.