About Us

Welcome to Believers Radio UK!

We are an internet radio station based in London whose mission is to provide a vital, valued and vibrant service to our audience. We believe that music can be a source of healing, joy, laughter as well as an inspiration. Through Believers Radio UK we aim to inspire people to view the world from a variety of perspectives by capitalising on emerging opportunities that will help us serve our audience and engage communities throughout the world.

We always strive to serve our audience better because you matter to us and we are committed to engaging with you in authentic and meaningful ways. Through our wide selection of shows, our vision is for Believers Radio UK to be an essential source of information, music and entertainment that strengthens the civic and cultural life of the global communities that we serve.

The evolution of public radio demands that we embrace innovation and Believers Radio UK is a strategical supporter of creativity, innovation and excellence. We are completely committed to delivering on our strategy for creativity and innovation and believe that this makes our model a sustainable one. However, we can only achieve our objectives if we have the support of the communities we serve and the active involvement of interested people.

If you are a passionate achiever, we would like to hear from you. Share your passion with Believers Radio UK because our audience matters.

Listen to us online or on your mobile. Join us and be a part of Believers Radio UK where we believe in ourselves.

Thank you for visiting us.

Isaac Owusu

 Chief Executive Officer